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How does ISO Certification help in increasing hospitality business?

Service Quality:

In order for a company to achieve success it should provide quality products and services; especially in regard to hospitality, even though, quality is hard to be measured because the techniques that can measure quality are incident-based or attribute-based; it is very important to have a deliberate consideration.

Customer Expectation:

Customers create their expectations based on culture and past experiences, expectations are made on the first encounter. In other words, the first impression is important, however, what is even more important is ensuring that the business continues to provide the same quality services every time and holds a continuous improvement culture. Factors that contribute to customers’ expectations are the hotel personnel, the way the hotel welcomes their customers, fast-paced services, a deliverance of physical and functional needs, while the factors that might shape these expectations are gender, age, and income.

Perceived Value:

Is the value that customers receive after the service is done, however, the characteristics that define perceived value might vary from personal experience and among customers. People are different and have different preferences adding up to quality; for instance, one customer might define quality when the personnel is exceptionally pleasant from the waiter, housekeeping to the front desk; while the other customer looks for quality in the food, fast service, and fancy rooms or overall decorations. , Most customers tend to visit a hotel and create an impression about the services, rooms, and personnel; and based on those characteristics a customer will either feel satisfaction leading to loyalty or resentment leading to a lost customer. Therefore, top management should be involved when developing a strategic plan in order to provide services to the properly trained personnel that will lead to satisfaction of customers.

Commonly-known strategies:

providing low-cost leadership including; discounting prices for loyal guests and developing customer loyalty by providing unique services, continuous evaluation and improvement of services to attain customer satisfaction, the growth of per-customer revenue, and a decrease in operating cost.

Which ISO Certificate is best for the hospitality business?



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