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ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management

Benefits of ISO 20000

The benefits of ISO 20000 outweigh the costs of adopting the standard. Like all ISO standards, there is a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement that keeps you competitive. Adopting the international Information Technology Service Management standard (ITSM) allows your company to assess performance.

Here are a few of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 that your company will enjoy

One of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 is that you have an independent organization certifying you. This allows you to piggyback on the reputation and authority of the standard. This will improve the way partners, suppliers, and customers view you. The improved reputation can win you customers you otherwise may have missed out on.

The government is a huge consumer of technology services. One of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 certification is that you may be able to get contracts with public agencies that were previously off-limits. The number of public sector agencies that require ISO 20000-1 is growing. The UK National Health Service and the United States Air Force both mandate certification for service providers for government contracts.

You have all of these new public and private sector customers because of your new certification. Customer acquisition is expensive. Keeping a good customer satisfied is cheap.

Luckily, another of the benefits of ISO-20000-1 is that you will be able to retain those customers through improved customer satisfaction. Customers will enjoy decreased downtime and increased performance because you have monitoring and measurement systems in place.

If you want an organization to be agile, every person from the top of the ladder to the bottom has to be clear about their roles and responsibilities. Without that clarity, you get redundancies and useless, time-sucking meeting. When everybody is on the same page and processes are defined, working efficiently and responding to market demand becomes easier. One of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 is that the standard ensures responsiveness and productivity.

When heading a company or department, we often find ourselves wondering, “How is X being done elsewhere? How quickly?” One of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 is that you will finally have answers to your questions. Certification will allow you to glean the processes and services of other organizations. You will be able to create benchmarks and compare yourself with those competitors.

You can also look forward to continuous improvements. Through corrective action, you will find root causes to any problems within your processes and define a solution. Through preventative action, your team will be able to foresee future problems and identify areas for further refinement. This process will help you and your team think ahead when planning and implementing actions and that continuously will improve processes and outcomes.

Improved productivity, increased customer retention, and decreased the cost of customer acquisition through an improved reputation will all drive down costs.

One of the benefits of ISO 20000-1 is that implementation with the standard will reduce the costs of conformance with other regulations. Sarbanes-Oxley and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) will both be easier and cheaper to meet when you have instituted your Information Technology Service Management standard.



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