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Qsale POS Solutions in Qatar

We are a Retail aggregator platform equipping retail shops with the right software (Qsale POS) to compete with top online selling platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, etc. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we provide affordable tools for location based web/mobile store, smart cashier system, web portal to receive online order, inventory app. In addition, we provide a plethora of apps best suited to run operations of retail shops and small businesses in Qatar. Our POS software is designed in such a way as attract traders and manufactures thus driving daily sales.

Best POS/Cashier System Software in Qatar

Our cloud cashier system is extremely user friendly and with embedded data of 18,000+ FMCG products available in the market.

The Software is made in Qatar and is best suited for Qatar Arabic bill, shelf barcode, bill formats as per Qatar law. They also Support Cash / Credit Sales, increase your revenue from mobile marketplace and help setup a seamless pickup and drop delivery operation covering a maximum radius of 5Kms. Location based Delivery app to support fulfill neighborhood customers’ needs.

Payment options vary from making online payments like bank card, credit card, debit card, credit card , Vista Money, Noqoody and Qpay to Cash on Delivery

Qsale proves most useful in small Grocery retails shops, Super markets, Hyper markets, Abaya shop, Cafeteria, Restaurants, Electricals, Electronics, Mobile shops, Book shop, Sweet shops, Foot wear and so on…..
Qsale POS Cashier System

Bring your shop online

It’s true. Convert your retail store into an online web store and mobile store and keep your business afloat in current situation. Our marketplace also provides additional Revenue stream.

Qsale POS Mobile shop software
Using this app your hundreds or thousands of customers in your WhatsApp group will be ordering through the app hassle-free. Move them to process of collecting items and delivery can be done with no hiccups.

All Customers will be able to locate your shop, view featured products image/video, shopping cart, checkout, Track order, map history of payments through options like Cash on delivery, bank and Credit card payment or even banking gateway.Offer discounts.
Our Private e-commerce tool is an excellent aide in the laterals of Fashion, electronics, Qatar made merchandise. Retailers have the power to take their shops globally and attract an international audience. The deliveries can be made using Aramex or FedEx. The tool works similar to Shopify and magento.

Best Inventory system for effective Cost control

Qsale provides great visibility to a product with image and video while adding credibility factors like Manage Supplier, Material receipt, Current stock, Periodic Inventory audit, Stock alert, Barcode printing, Shelf barcode, Move from warehouse to store, Generate purchase invoice, Free of Cost (FOC) during material receipt, Return material during purchase, Expiry and damage recording.


Sign up for free and experience the most user friendly POS software. Online Inventory Management becomes a piece of cake with automated stock alerts based on selling history / material receipt frequency along with a suggested purchase list to ask the supplier.

Qsale POS Inventory software

Manage Accounts like Never before!

Qsale POS Payroll Cloud Software

Every event should be accounted. Qsale works with empower ERP. Thus every sale, purchase, Inventory, and any transaction related data can be managed in portal. Also a comprehensive master data involving all product purchase along with the costing and reports will be managed here.

Additionally, the owner app provides the investor with all necessary input in through mobile itself.

Why Qsale?

No operational overhead

The only equipment you would ever need to manage the entire operative supply chain would be your mobile. The equipment you will ever need is an android mobile for inventory.


Our Tariff is made extremely affordable to cater to small business. We assure you that your sales graph will see a jump after implementing this software


Your data our responsibility. We will keep it safe and available all the time. SSL Enabled, load balanced, offline mode, backend replication, High availability all taken care. Merchants can focus on sales and business.

Easy Implementation scalability

Set up time requires no more than 2 hours. Create account trial and get 360 degree training for an hour.

Get timely notifications

You will receive periodic email notifications to stay in line with the operative updates in your store. It encompasses a great Dashboard, Operational panels and much more

Our Marketplace

View our Market place List your shop. Receive order. Deliver onetime. Increase your revenue. This is best way to push e-shopping traffic towards your store.

Qatar based

We are locally available and we know the domain more than 10 years.

Simple to use

Best UX that’s very user friendly

Trusted by over 100+ Shops in Qatar

Qsale POS Cashier Solution


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Qsale POS Solutions in Qatar